M i lton  Menasco
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The man behind the Curtain

Listen to and download Menasco's music library featuring over one hundred pieces of music for license in film and video.

Milton Menasco has been composing and supplying music for film and video for almost two decades. He has composed music for features, major broadcast, instulations and web. Known for his originality Menasco's music pulls audiences deeper into the story by adding a primal and ethereal weight, grander and excitement. His music makes an audience not just watch a piece but feel it. As a composer Menasco blends old world and new world instruments and sounds into something truly unique. He has been pushing the boundaries between orchestration, electronic and acoustic music since the beginning and uses influences from new and classic composers alike.

Menasco's cutting edge music helps elevate this thrilling documentary to some truly epic moments. With its amazing POV camera angles the film chronicles the history of man’s ancient desire of bird-like flight to the present day rocket man.

Listen to and purchase Milton Menasco's soundtrack for the movie "Birdmen The Original Dream of Flight"

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